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tv   In Search of Indias Soul Ep 2  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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al jazeera. after. the. home fully back to bill in doha with a look at our main stories on al-jazeera the chinese government has confirmed that 6 health care workers have died from corona virus and 1700 others are infected this raises concerns about the shortage of medical resources. which it was in the national health commission is very concerned about this with issue technical guidelines for the prevention and control of corona virus infections within medical institutions and we've given a special notice on virus control for key areas and the fever departments of key hospitals through these documents we have opposed to special requirements on hudson the personal protection of medical workers adrian brown has more now on why health
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workers are being infected. a number of doctors and nurses have been putting messages on social media complaining about the fact that they don't have adequate protective clothing so i think it's fair to assume that those who have become infected those who have died have so because they haven't had the correct protective gear now china's government concedes there is a shortage of this protective clothing and of course it underscores just how vulnerable frontline medical workers are in china right now the world health organization has got more experts arriving at the epicenter today and over the weekend to supplement the team that arrived there a few days ago the w.h.o. is also saying and this is i guess a grain of good news that the rate of infections outside of who by province don't appear to be rising as dramatically as they were during the past few weeks when
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president xi jinping urged transparency in mid january suddenly it was gangbusters with the state controlled media they were all over this story covering all the angles that has now changed because they're not touching on the negative they are accentuating very much the positive showing pictures of people who have recovered leaving hospital and also in the last 24 hours showing more pictures of soldiers and volunteers arriving in will hand there has been a mass mobilization of people and it has in many ways echoes of the maoi era this is what president xi jinping has called a people's war against you know the devils virus. in a rare rebuke of donald trump the u.s. attorney general william barr has criticized the president's use of twitter that's after a series of tweets by trump calling for a reduced prison sentence for his close ally raunchiest own in syria state
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television says several missiles have been downed over a damascus loud explosions shook the capital shortly before midnight the missiles reportedly flew from the southwest over the israeli occupied golan heights meanwhile the united nations says more than 800000 syrians have fled their homes in italy province the last remaining rebel held area since december the 1st relief orcus say 10 children have died over the last week as the cold winter weather sets in and storms blanketed the area with snow civilians remain in harm's way as hostilities are continuing it live in aleppo reports of the grounded kate the thousands of civilians are on the move from around the m 5 highway with most people moving further north and north west towards the turkey syria border inclement weather including snow fall is excess abating the situation journalists in the philippines are demonstrating against attempts to close down the country's largest
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television network a government lawyer filed a petition to cancel the franchise of a.b.s. c.b.s. corporation on monday the network has been a fierce critic of president gore draco detached protests over a planned pipeline in canada have forced the closure of the 3rd largest rail network in north america c n whale amounts it would shut it's a eastern track network after indigenous led demonstrators blocked rail lines for days and on tactic it has had its 2nd record breaking hot day in a week resilience scientists say the temperatures on seymour island rolls to almost 21 degrees celsius that's 2 and a half degrees higher than recorded a week ago those are the headlines coming up next it's in search of india's sole. order. her.
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my name is arthur stasi or i'm a writer and a columnist. in this the 2nd of 2 films i'm traveling through india the country i grew up in. i want to see for myself the changes taking place amid a rising tide of him do it for the hindu 1st politics these ideas which place
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hindus above people of other faiths stem from the very top leadership in this land of 1300000000 people. i started my journey in the holy city of our and i see in northern india. this is a deeply religious country in the middle of a battle for her soul and it is no surprise that it was this place at the hindu nationalist leader in the ranger mode he chose this election battleground repub the sing its powerful symbolism in a new time. behind this image of a religiously diverse nation india faces a new mini crisis. and minorities including $200000000.00 muslims fear an underlying current of violence more brutality and death at the hands of hindu hardliners the hardliners claim injustice is against him dues for muslim rule
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and sentries past justifies their drive to return india to a golden age as they see it and a nation where hindus come 1st hindu is making up to get back the birthplaces of his ancestors and these films i've been asking where did these ideas come from. following independence in 1947 which was closely intertwined with the bloody episode of partition some people had thought that the politics of division was finally a thing of the past in a newly created secular state of india all would be equal before the law but here the word secular would come to have a particularly indian meaning. secular in india merely meant a the existence of a profusion of religions all of which were allowed and encouraged by the state to flourish. but over the past few decades
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a series of events occurred that threaten the very fabric of india's secular identity it set then tiny b.g.p. political party on course to become the ruling power they are today on the 6th of december 1902 a crowd of 150000 militants supporters of the pro hindu r.s.s. descended on the barbary mosque in the northern town of the reputed birthplace of the hindu god ram i was standing next to the mosque when this crowd started increasing the gate broke down and the huge rush of people inside beyond the control of the of it i shouted down was a young journalist and a key witness to the events that were to unfold. what they started doing was breaking the barricade that was thematic getting all around and with the fury that could be even that was visible they walked in within. half an hour you saw
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dozens of people at the mosque. with its pro hindu agenda the r.s.s. had long been agitating to destroy the 16th century mosque built by the mogul ruler barber and reclaimed the sacred ground for him booze for them the existence of the mosque was a long standing move when you saw this thing come down what did you see what. i thought about the the social and political back i said well there now this is a divide that they've created in the country they are taking us back to 147 when india was divided. in the riots that followed between muslims and hindus some 2000 people were killed for indian muslims these events meant much more than just the loss of a defunct building. businesses and i. dentity it was not be a mosque was not so it was not the mosque that was important for the of that identity so do you feel that that the new politics had been born absolutely feel like a new politics of division of division began. this
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was a division that would change the face of indian politics one that pushed many among the 80 percent hindu majority to support the b j p at that time a relatively obscure political party. truly astonishing to hear sherrod story because it makes so clear how the stage was set for this political drama to play out in which a defunct mosque became the vessel of religious passions. this hindu reawakening was underlined by a long running t.v. adaptation of the hindu epic the ra milan for years record numbers of indians were grouped by the series that chronicled the life of lord rum and tapped into a deep sense of pride and nostalgia among him. it's really amazing for me to see because i grew up on the t.v.
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serial it's the raw mine and it was played to india in the eighty's to great passion and large audiences and knowing it has a kind of an edge to it because we have large audiences again we're in a stone quarry where the stones are being prepared for a future ram temple where the mosque had been demolished. for 28 years lawyers forto over the rights and wrongs of building a temple to lord ram on the site of the barbary mosque in the meantime the stones for the new temple were caught with the confidence that the situation in favor of building the long awaited temple would surely come. all those words are political tell way of i don't know much how to get bob but our thoughts are well mighty monday at the door mom. american much more than monarchy at our place a value only because if we didn't even have been able to get a look when we get a look at that. is news making the
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hindu is making up to get back down birthplaces of his ancestors. kenny in do can go and make use temples in jerusalem no can i go room and build example of hindu temple there no can i go to maka and build a temple there no i will not be allowed. why we are considered different when the case of your dad comes. it is the but face of arda. what we're seeing is the construction of partitions in hearts and minds of millions of people across the country i think hurtling in a direction which is potentially catastrophic.
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same to the idea of india that the leadership of the represented was that india would be a country where matter which god you worship or if you were shipped on board walk what language you would be in if you being equal citizen that was elected the same true cornerstone of all 40 stood for many of us believe that the issue was resolved for ever but it was not the bridge of it have succeeded in uniting. all communities into believing that there is a common enemy which is the muslim world the also has the backing of the largest civil society organization in the world. which is which is the which is deeply committed to the ideology of indiscipline this is. the campaign to get back the
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sides of the barbary mosque for the hindus had been running for years. but the act that made it possible came from a completely unexpected event one that played into a negative narrative about muslims and secularism promoted by the r.s.s. . in 96 and otherwise obscure family dispute involving a muslim couple that became known as the case reached the supreme court in delhi. the has been claimed he divorced his wife islamic li by saying they were to lock on 3 occasions. are if mohamed khan was a cabinet minister at the time a lot just repeated thrice and it's all over and now we have goes for the court advocate divorce and you had not divorce her on the day you had defected to. undermine to secular law the court refused to recognize the triple telarc islamic
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divorce he was ordered to pay his wife maintenance congress party pm and member of the narrow gandhi did misty rajiv gandhi initially supported the judgment his 1st instinct was the right one which was to back the supreme court decision that granted this poor old lady alimony and to encourage his cabinet ministers are a moment come you spoken to to say so in parliament and to say so with some courage and lehmann's. the personal low board which represented muslims claim the award was against islamic law angry clerics demonstrated outside parliament. the stand of the personnel board was that this judgment is against islam this is interference in the slum called therefore it must be rajiv gandhi buckled under the protest of conservative clerics he went back on his decision and passed a bill that reversed the supreme court ruling the case would now be judged on the
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muslim personal law in tightening the wife just 3 months maintenance seeing this is an assault on women's rights progressive muslims and many hindus were appalled company came under attack from both sides. in the worst mistake of his life by exceeding to these conservative elements and overturning the supreme court judgement and taking away her date to maintenance indian politics took a turn from that point davies and was dead the language which was the spoke threatening language outside parliament in the meeting of the parts of a low board open call was given to brag but the lead's of all those m.p.'s who defied me but still and if it is which was juiced again and again effectively how food is a supreme court which at that will smash the supreme court may just pieces yes.
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there was a discourse about appeasement to muslims the idea that people are going to work for muslims. many hindus were angered at what they saw as the state caving in to muslim demands. for years the pro hindu r.s.s. had agitated for access to the barbary mosque in new york here. to placate them rajiv gandhi ordered the site to be open for into practice. a decision that has had deadly consequences ever since. on february 27th 2002 a train was set alight just outside go dressed asian in the western state of gujarat. 58 hindu pilgrims were burnt to death they'd been returning home from the barbary mosque in new york here.
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there was an outcry and mobs of hindu hardliners took to the streets. danica start up again as hard as get their window but to ever hold out the idea her or hindu or go clear join john paul or her to her instead of handing the dead to their families the bodies were transported nearly 200 kilometers to the town of under about to be paraded through the streets you can tell yourself alan lobo act on the just because a lot out there are just for gases and nature in the b'tselem i don't get a lot out what they're all then. got done many other how the mind of it is going apple told me to tell you any. just that he got his dish conditions and why. the reading $58.00 charged corpses through the streets was always likely to provoke
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further violence. but permission for the reportedly came from the then chief minister of. the ring through modi himself. in the ensuing riots over a 1000 were killed 3 quarters of them muslims. in 1902 when the mosque was the morning india changed for they were. the issue of the charbonneau. be emotive and important. the riots in. the sequence of events. that charted the path and lead the foundation for the ease of hindu supremacist politics and late to the emergence 'd of this leader in the mood. for long hours the good dr state authorities stood by as rioting took
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place prompting allegations of state complicity. saying forget i was a young police constable his unit was kept in active as people were massacred. in the lead by p.m.s. . police are they going also has a thing public that cigar was your body of. one point the tanita well generally that or a matter of degree of that because you get out there that. i. don't know. about civil though i doubt he. would come but.
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soon margaret will just 10 years old when the attacks took place. i want the money. but they didn't know was that they'd want to try to. get my daily download. you know i'm like.
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you know we're not. even. sure he career she was at home with her husband and 3 small true. he couldn't finish the mission the same by heart of the modernity but the town itself ok what he said. about trying to get them in but having the finding to a way of getting to tell all the good that i. didn't know was an angel bit intimidating but so with a fairly clear on when i was happening tom. advice would be needed now so we're going to maybe go away.
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for legit complicity in allowing the mob violence and killings to go on tracked through more of the was barred from visiting the us a ban that lasted for 10 years. india is top court has ruled that a disputed religious site given to hindus for the construction of a temple can do hardline has destroyed a 16th century mosque in 1992 sparkle riots that killed at least 2000 people. i find myself wondering how far do these events i loved about on this journey represent an attempt at a historical record are we witnessing a recommitting of the secular character of modern and do that set of rules on which
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the newly founded country was established. can. invent in there without taking into account tragedies of more than those how much we've tried to sanitize i don't think the people in the muslims of today should be blamed for what i have to if already saved their list particularly trying. to see that it didn't happen gets people's backs it's not evil securitisation it's the reaction. this over secularization all by pretending that it was all a happy family all along it was and it was a very troubled history. of the muslim world to accept that yes we are muslims and we shall remain muslim but our ancestors the same as yours i would say 99 percent of the problems with the muslims of you because of the way they are portrayed is the descendants of the
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murders and looters and butchers and rapists the making common cause with people who broke the law on temple the krishna temple the kashi we shall not temple 40000 other temples but it's true that they are converted. i think where i was of course here for 2 months a backlash you might call it and the need for a strong leader combined with the need to assert what they thought was the hindu identity and by implication the best latent. people are coming back to our the people are thinking to come back to their roots they are filling that. right the connect with with their roots and their roots does not lie in christianity or islam. identity is connected with.
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whether i have converted to islam my true identity was before the islam we are not proud of identify oneself with baba they were they made us. the hindu for our view of the past might sound great if you happen to be a hindu but where does this leave the non hindus naseer room became acutely aware of the challenges facing her muslim daughter growing up in increasingly pro hindu surroundings she's written a book about saad says i kept waiting for my teacher to react in school the class me. i was silent i didn't respond and i just kept sitting there i didn't really know what to do. what is it like now to grow up as a muslim child in india take you through one story in your book the boys called
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house and they they come and call him to go to this birthday party and then a few minutes later he comes back home the boy refused to let him maintain his house and said that he cannot share the cake with you you cannot eat together. my parents don't want you at my house and the mother said i did. was your experience growing up in india what when you say look at yourself in context of these stories what was it like for you i grew up in a different india i think it was also because of the larger narrative i doubt if we can even see the same country and. you know all we had that one national television channel to the ocean which would have this little girl who would sing. how there are so many different kinds of birds but and we had all those different kinds of birds but we're all birds of
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a flock together. you know the beauty of being that you are one already you know people of different identities can write a little thing that one song together in different languages also but they're singing that one song together that you really are one bottom. one of the things you can do to protect her from this environment i talked to her about india the map they show our neighbors our you know your china put down here you have you have bungled the issue you have pakistan and sri lanka so i think that all the neighbors and then i say what if somebody called you chinese you laugh and say right i'm an indian the military me what is somebody cause you are bangladeshi you laugh and say they did not have a lot of somebody called supermarket son you laugh and say another funny thing kind of meted out to him and you could ruin any of the so because of course the
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assumption being that that that's a way that prejudice would play out there to say you're a pakistani or go to pakistan because that is what is happening on an everyday basis we need leaders to make sure that no one. grows up with hatred nor child grows up with fear this is not about muslim kids this is about every child out there because i'm sure as a parent you'll be varied if a child to be grows up. challenging so much of the tree. i'm a drawing attention to increasing conflict libya blocks 9 years since a revolution a long time dictator one like a duck al-jazeera explains the complexities of libya's civil. attention political
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solution. special come on al-jazeera. the all. hello again i'm fully back with the headlines on al-jazeera the chinese government has confirmed that 6 health care workers have died from corona virus and 1700 others are infected it raises concerns about the shortage of medical resources. and with which i was in the national health commission is very concerned about this with issue technical guidelines for the prevention and control of corona virus infections within medical institutions and we've given a special notice of bars controls for key areas and the fever departments of the hospitals through these documents we have opposed to special requirements on hans and the personal protection of medical workers in a rare rebuke of donald trump u.s. attorney general william barr has criticized the president's use of twitter after
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a series of tweets by trump calling for a reduced prison sentence for his close ally roger stone. and syria state television says several missiles have been downed or for damascus loud explosions shook the capital shortly before midnight the missiles reportedly flew from the southwest over the israeli occupied golan heights meanwhile the united nations says more than 800000 syrians have fled their homes in a province the last remaining rebel held area since december 1st relief workers say 10 children have died over the last week as the cold winter weather sets in and storms blankets the area with snow. journalists in the philippines are demonstrating against attempts to close down the country's largest television network a government lawyer filed a petition to council the franchise of a.b.s. c.d.n. corp on monday the network has been a few critic of president will draco detect. protests over
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a planned pipeline in canada have forced the closure of the 3rd largest rail network in north america c.n. rail announce it would shut its eastern track network after indigenous lead demonstrate is blocked rail lines for days the decision has forced the cancellation of nearly all passenger train services nationwide and on top to get has had its 2nd record breaking hot day in a week brazilian scientists say the temperature on seymour island rolls to almost 21 degrees celsius that's 2 and a half degrees higher than arjun time scientists recorded at their base a week ago those are the headlines on al-jazeera in search of india's sole continues next year to stay with this.
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the hindu fear has been the problems. it is the only major in the world which actually legitimized inequality in cost to. be among the lower castes dull it's also known as untouchables sit at the very bottom of the hindu hierarchy. they perform the lowliest tasks such as manually cleaning sewers often with no protective clothing or breathing apparatus. with a reporter the 11 deaths per month this ranks among the world's most dangerous work people saying right or is a valid i'm a lawyer he's taking us to meet some members of the community some of whom he represents. underpaying lizard load his own course but still it did when they cut
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it back again. and i like they call it a god i like or stuff like i think of stuff i think i do mean a lot of where those little mean lottery color benvar galas family are cleaners her husband was poisoned in a sewer 4 years ago 2 of her 3 sons now do the same work let's face it stream prejudice every day of their lives when mr vining minivan and it all went down at the tank of our final clubhouse which are not any other level other than. yes i do when you. consider what i and my junkie by george said. despite protections under the constitution delegates. untouchables are treated as outcasts how to make their neighbor who wore a tie. they can afford or not what he would. many delegates and other low
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cost him whose have escaped their predicament by converting to other faiths such as islam or christianity the b.g.p. control state about to predation has prepared an anti conversion law under which religious conversion would require permission from a state official human rights groups say the law is aimed at keeping delegates in their place. we've discovered a twist to this theme. one away to a village where an r.s.s. work has converted a bunch of indian muslims back to him who is by a process called curve upson which literally means homecoming. truelove a man's father was a hindu who converted to islam. a generation on he and several family members have converted back to hindu ism london is the.
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model of the family only you don't know my line of the things we're not the how will you go from without fear the small print in india's anti conversion laws forbids enticements or intimidation to convert. it's a certificate the love of muhammad is no name she lost the money he's been brought into the hindu forward. and it says without any pressure. without any influence. but i. forgot that. he got on a bus. to . get out and got to be. moved when the going to.
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get out. not the. urge. to islamic. was. about it but. god. will figure it out to them. because they have got an early.
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on they got a job in moscow. jovian i come from to the last chandra the local r. assist leader who performed last conversion ceremony i've been to get there her head or anyone i've seen do you care or think you can with whom this is only what nothingness was 42 years ago if some i think of our muscles in the night out there and you know that something only helps who's in lucky you know because i'm the only one knew all ok i'll listen mom who have gotten there who are. the world about hanna and the present a little jealous of the new young. girl we never get out what used to. be it is here becky you see never too you. cannot go up and you cannot go to sleep
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or talk been at the end you care to take is rooted in that out mike about i'm about to get it here and it must was knee high sad me which is nice when muscles gotta be seeking muscles got on its muscles and i will get sick as it was a man what you get in the muscle gotta get think it will do me in good now most people get it you muslims i'm really nice i've got a family don't get out of got it got that in a given me your money but others that come in do not out there are going to argue about that in the in the one that jumped up in. one of the other groups you could i do yes. about a year to india came a settlement with some pelley. made out of market. operates under don't legally or. only chain yank
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some magic cheese on the stump in the. well that was such a heated discussion and one of the things that made it so tense was that the r.s.s. man was really worried about coercion and especially in relation to the evangelical faiths and yet when we spoke to the guy who he had converted to hinduism one could not help but feel that there'd been a considerable amount of social pressure on him and that that had been a kind of caution. whatever the truth behind. or homecoming to the hindu for it's from within the lower castes that most conversions out of hinduism in recent years have taken place.
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but along with islam it's another ancient religious group that faces the consequences of rising hindutva politics there are $28000000.00 christians in india but 2000 year old community stretching back to the earliest days of the faith but still seen by the most hardline hindus as an outsider religion the 2 can do so way from their original faith. in 2008 in the state to eastern india several 1000 christians came under attack. 400 religious or die or posed on christians 60000 christians. fled to the forest to save themselves. $6000.00 plus houses more than $300.00 critical to her race for the crown schools colleges all spittles clinics everything put on it 100 people were killed nuns a rape. case is still going on 10 years later.
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and we expect a fair justice depending on facts. not depending on who is a majority. the radicalization of the structures of state the police that mistreat the junior magistracies the teachers the village self government mechanisms. all of them actually believe this is the land of the hindus and everybody else if they want to live via must live here as 2nd rate citizens nobody can feel safe. unless there's an assurance that the muslim isee. the isolation of minorities risks becoming institutionalized in schools would so-called suffer nies ation the favoring of hindu ism over other traditions and school textbooks. were just
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a single drug where 10th grade students have been studying a new hindu focused curriculum. it writes out much of the country's known hindu past. and armies lead an attempt on mistresses and they are only just now going to fight and the pain is in my name insist on telling me that we don't like to lie had we had a plan i never heard that but the time. is a word when i miss a person out of me fairly get india will get up memories from it was a common early in. their lives. to let this ability to be priscilla became part of this. has got to care about of missile equals here. then if a piece of dying of a big. old took up. but i think that i'm good and i may yeah but every day on my way you go. looking look at the galaxy summit now.
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back to lanny again did it want to make you go back to life. be bitter missiles what it got balls and. move on sticky man happy camper man yeah yeah. what today's 10th graders may not get to learn about is the wealth of learning and cultural blending that accompanied muslim rule in india modeled in the study or may have been harsh and puritanical but other moguls brought a culture of openness and learning the targum hell is the supreme expression of this. it was built by the mogul ruler sharjah ha as a muslim for his beloved wife 1000 how he preached equality among hindus and muslims and he celebrated hindu festivals
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a tradition established by his grandfather a quirk under him india enjoyed a religiously and culturally diverse existence schools for both muslims and hindus were established policies that own the loyalty and respect of hindus a blending of culture and religion in my so-called syncretism and an essential part of indian life today i mean for people sikri built by uk for which he made his capital success came through acknowledging the multiple cultures within india. here's inquest is innocent shrine in the architecture the column the divan a house in the whole welker would hold court assimilates motifs from hindu islam christianity buddhism islam and zorro astron as. the pillar itself kind of stands as a testament to this mixing of faiths and this is from a man who brought brahmins near him and pundits near him to learn from them he
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drank the water of the gunk he had a deep root god for hindu faith and custom and belief and and i think is aim was to find in this land of many religions where he was ruling as a muslim emperor to find a way in which people could go forward it wouldn't be secularism as we know it's not in the modern european sense but it was clearly driven by a secular ideal. i'm about to see something quite extraordinary but which at the same time is peculiarly india. where the hindu temple that was partially destroyed and turned into a mosque by oren say look at that time like literally the call of what's interesting here is that part of this mosque complex remains a place of worship for hindus and yeah the ultimately.
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it's being kind of prepared in our prayers in the evening and i sit in this face. and you cast your eye or are you see very very typical muslim arches and then you see what is really like the pillars of a hindu temple but in the middle of that is the qibla which is the direction of prayer so both face are represented both forms of worship are occurring side by side and this to me is historical resolution. 3 other. february march was through our record 100 people who were doing it was from a child like thank you hiram except you know. you don't know marshall the. don't know. what i think good man and that i love no hero need to you know why isn't he is with me he's had some but again i want to know their views on the mosque in the old and hindus most important to the kashi bushman which owns
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a bit also destroyed to build a mosque just gan might be must it could be there to pick up the cat i have ever done it on good number limited on the christian number kashima cacheris not madrid to be sure shasta can join. in monday don't go toward europe not because it was good but just because. hum monday had been not measured by nicholas tejada. good choice now but i got the good the disk and watch money if you get the ticket in. june and must. protect. so very very interesting you know he's saying whatever happened was not a good thing it was not a good thing that happened and he says for me it was a symbol of slavery because it was built by a barber who was who and saved us licking our good beach macwhich of our lardner.
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our new government can get under. the rug up we made up 100 could not really crap enough waitin do i know when we shall manage 5. so i was really struck by the similarity between these 2 men are you fiction by the warm and i was left with a strange question because when they got talking about history when they got talking about temples destroyed what was to be rebuilt was to be left there were really is irreconcilable differences between them and yet there was the civility in the suspection and it left me feeling i thought what is this everything is that ability to get on really what counts or do people have to result differences down to their very being easy if that's even possible.
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on the eve of india's independence day i'm returning to delhi. i'm starting the day at the job. a muslim college where celebrations are already in full swing. and getting a. little bit selfish see now. do you want it you wish me. to manage their yes. that. may change. lives. if. you. think.
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there's no doubting the commitment of these muslim students i was impressed by the scaffold pad display of unity it was on this day 72 years ago that india gained independence from britain along with the events that led to partition. at that time it became clear that india's muslims. those who chose to remain would be as much part of this nation as the hindu's when i arrived in this country i expected to find a place dramatically different from the one i grew up in instead i was pleasantly surprised to find how intact indian life still is how integrated how assimilate. and yet i cannot deny that i felt a sense of foreboding among india's 170000000 muslims a deep feeling of disenfranchisement this is a country in the grip of a historical reckoning the indian past with all its pain and complexity is being realistic it how it negotiates this passage will not merely affect india's muslims
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but the moral and spiritual health of the nation as a whole. it was time for me to return to my home in new york i left india feeling encouraged and hopeful for the future of the country i'm so proud to have grown up in and call my own. but in new york a nasty shock awaited me a letter from india's ministry of home affairs and what the threatening to do is to revoke my overseas indian citizenship which allows me to live and work in india the grounds that the saying that the grounds that they are using to revoke this is that apparently i have concealed the pakistani origin of my father. and it's a very worrying letter because if it goes through i may not be able to return to india and they've i'm meant to have $21.00 days to respond but i have barely 24
3:53 pm
hours to respond to this letter. i've recently written this article critical in or in the room or the here in the b j p then attacked me wrongly calling me a muslim and a pakistani with no right to interfere with indian affairs with attacks such as this on critical journalists i'm as worried for my country as i am for the impact of this on myself and my family in india. my lawyer feels that there's something malicious in what the government has done they're accusing me of concealing the fact that my father was pakistani which is kind of absurd because i've written books and articles for over a decade about my father's pakistani origin and about the fact that i was always a strange from him and grew up with my mother in india i can't help but feel that the reason is this time magazine article more than 250 prominent writers have
3:54 pm
petitioned the indian government on my behalf i was grateful and more than touched by their support the booker prize winning indian novelist kiran this i was one of them. i told you to dishonor my parents not to speak up talking about the india i grew up in i am afraid because i know all the minorities in india are very afraid. and when you have a country. that does not honor its minorities then it's time to be very afraid the press is under threat in india we have had many cases of books being banned in india and of writers being silenced but i think the situation is growing more acute we're talking of murder of silencing writers by murdering them by banning them books silencing the press and with you of course they came up with a technicality every new victim becomes
3:55 pm
a symbol of this oppression there were plenty of people who would have loved to sign and were really far too scared to sign it is so much fear even among indians here that there will be severe repercussions on their speaking up and that they will be targeted. one by one. with a heavy heart i have to surrender my overseas indian citizenship today. well i've come out one document less and this is a kind of weird goodbye to and feels very hard for me because this is a country i've grown up in i've lived in all my life and suddenly i don't really have the right to go there anymore and i basically feel bereft of my mother my grandmother my country and and the place where i grew up. the bridge appears just
3:56 pm
past its so-called citizenship amendment bill for the 1st time in indian history it establishes a test of religion for becoming indian earlier on in this film i had asked myself are we witnessing a weakening of india secular character. the answer to my question seems frighteningly to be yes i'm reminded of something the veteran politician r. of muhammad can said about part of the in the name for india. indian tradition says this whole continent between the sea and the him earlier this is part of and all of those who live the children parter. the haste of thought the matter of the deep but soon it believed a thought made to the gender doesn't make the place of residence but not i who are children of i have a child of god i am i a child and a child of god and if someone was to say to me i'm not what do i say to him if
3:57 pm
someone is willing to say someone was leaving someone is going to tell me that i'm not for a son of my father. how the satellites caught big shadows big thunderstorms for me again in northern argentina it's been so consistent seeing you get a trough running through the flash flooding the next versions already going through buenos aires up into europe why in the far south east of brazil you might get something similar up in the high ground in bolivia or peru but it seems less like
3:58 pm
this is a concentration the real big thunderstorms may get some fresh money and some dramatic stories out of that as a good spread of showers elsewhere through brazil and a whole lot gently moving north slowly now a bit with the sun so it started to come into southern parts of colombia venezuela but still it's cross from the caribbean this is an obvious thing to watch as another frontal system across the states and where it converges with mexico so do the winds and you get some pretty big showers there again it will be thunderstorms the scratching elsewhere dancer panama otherwise well enjoy it as a bit of a mess here though in the small islands of the caribbean where they will see a concentration a shot of the next couple of days as the u.s. sees that front on its way out in fact is a dramatic change taking place it was extremely cold weather up here in the midwest and northern plains in the canadian prairies is still subzero but it's nothing like as cold as it was ny with a southerly breeze. if
3:59 pm
you were looking at this from the outside it would really wonder what was going on what what is this rice is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic drugs this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to pay for the roads smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera. life begin. babies every year in the united states. it also ends on the same day. the baby is african-american. this is twice as likely to happen why. rewind america's infant mortality on al-jazeera.
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sure or. 0. you. know i'm fully back to all of this is a news hour on al-jazeera not from ah global headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes china says 6 health workers have died and over 1700 are infected by the corner virus increasing concerns about a shortage of medical resources and sand only and little food we hear from a resident living at the center of the outbreak also this hour intense fighting in syria as a province rebels say they have shot down a guy.


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